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Jan 2019

Stanford Schools of Engineering and Humanities and Sciences have announced that they will not renew the CS+X Joint Major Program (JMP), which was approved by the Faculty Senate in 2014 and began as an experimental pilot program in fall quarter that year.

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Jul 2018

Digital Humanities, one of Stanford’s newest minors, applies digital methods and tools to humanistic inquiry to generate new questions and to foster innovative research. Students will develop critical skills that are applicable within and beyond an academic setting. 

Jul 2018
Are you interested in Global Health, Epidemiology or Health Policy? The new Human Biology minor will provide an introduction to the relationship between the biological and social aspects of humanity's origin, development and future while offering students flexibility to pursue a deeper study in a chosen field of interest. As of September 2018, the Human Biology program will offer three HumBio minor subplans: Global Health, Epidemiology or Health Policy. The chosen subplan will appear on the student's official transcript. 
Jun 2017

Honors is now available for students majoring in Material Science and Engineering.

Jun 2017

In response to student demand, Stanford’s aeronautics and astronautics department will offer a new undergraduate degree in aeronautics and astronautics starting next fall.

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Nov 2016

Interdisciplinary Honors in Science, Technology and Society has reopened to non-majors.

Oct 2016

Goldman Honors through the Woods Institute on Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy which has been on hiatus since 2014-15 is now officially closed.

Oct 2016

Chinese and Japanese BA and minors were closed and replaced by sub-plans in East Asian Studies. You may also get a minor in East Asian Studies with a sublan in Korean or East Asian Studies.

Oct 2016

A Bachelor of Science is now available in Human Biology

Oct 2016

A minor in Human Rights is now offered through Stanford Global Studies (SGS).

Oct 2016

The Earth Systems program now offers a minor with a subplan in Sustainability.

Dec 2015

Students may now coterm in Community Health and Prevention Research through the School of Medicine

Apr 2015

The Department of Psychology will no longer be offering a coterm in Psychology.