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Eleanor Roosevelt reading a human rights declaration. Wikimedia Commons.

Human Rights

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Interdisciplinary Programs

The Human Rights Minor promotes understanding of how human rights are interconnected across seemingly disparate disciplines and is open to students in any major.

What You'll Study

The WSD Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice‚Äôs interdisciplinary Human Rights Minor ensures students receive invaluable mentorship from experienced human rights scholars and practitioners, while lending academic rigor to the scholastic experience of the undergraduates who choose this path. The minor provides structure to diverse academic offerings on human rights-related topics, encouraging students from across the University to understand how human rights are interconnected across seemingly disparate disciplines. The Human Rights Minor is open to students in any major and includes courses that introduce students to theoretical or historical foundations of human rights; courses that focus on particular contemporary human rights challenges, such as poverty, gender equality, public health, or the environment; and courses dedicated to practical application of human rights principles through skills development, advocacy training, and experiential or community engaged learning.

Degrees Offered

  • Minor

More Information

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