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Chac Mool Statue from Chichen Itza by Ewen Roberts, Wikimedia

Latin American Studies

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School of Humanities and Sciences

An interdisciplinary honors and a minor in Latin American Studies.

What You'll Study

Stanford University offers an interdisciplinary honors program in Latin American Studies as well as a Global Studies minor with a specialization in Latin America. Although we currently do not offer an undergraduate major in Latin American Studies, students may concentrate on Latin America through other departmental and interdisciplinary degree programs, such as Anthropology, History, Political Science, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, or International Relations.

Undergraduates can also obtain a coterminal M.A. degree in Latin American Studies while concurrently working on their undergraduate major by applying during the regular admissions cycle no later than their senior year.

Degrees Offered

  • Minor
  • Interdisciplinary Honors
  • Coterm

More Information

Learn more about Latin American Studies in the Stanford Bulletin

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