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Chair by L.A. Cicero, Product Design


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School of Engineering

This program teaches a design process that encourages creativity, craftsmanship, and personal expression, aesthetics, and emphasizes brainstorming and need finding. 

What You'll Study

The mission of the Design (formerly Product Design) program is to graduate designers who can synthesize technology, aesthetics, and business factors in service of human need.  Students emerge with both a strong engineering depth and technical know-how, as well as creative, visual thinking abilities and a deeply human-centered orientation to problem-solving.  Their ability to seamlessly integrate across these two “right brain / left-brain" ways of thinking empowers them to make and build products, services, and experiences with transformative potential in service of people and planet. 

With the transition from Product Design to Design, the degree continues to provide a strong technical engineering foundation, while expanding both the ways of making and domain application areas for design.

More Information

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Degrees Offered

  • BS
  • MS