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School of Humanities and Sciences

Be immersed in the theories and empirical studies of human behavior. 

What You'll Study

The mission of the undergraduate program in Psychology is to introduce students to the theories and empirical studies of human behavior. This includes the study of aging, achievement, child development, cognitive processes, conflict, culture, decision making, emotion, group behavior, health, identity, infancy, language, learning and memory, morality, motivation, personality, psychopathology, race, self, social perception, visual perception, and other related topics. The major provides students with knowledge and skills relevant to professional careers in technology, business, counseling, education, public policy, law, and medicine, as well as graduate studies in Psychology.

Degrees Offered

  • BA
  • Minor
  • Honors

More Information

Learn more about Psychology in the Stanford Bulletin

Exploratory Courses


Introduction to Psychology


Introduction to Statistical Methods: Precalculus (STATS 60, STATS 160)


Intergroup Communication Facilitation (CSRE 103F)


Introduction to Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CSRE 196C, ENGLISH 172D, SOC 146, TAPS 165)