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East Asian architecture by Joshua Benner

East Asian Studies

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School of Humanities and Sciences

Take part in East Asia-related research, teaching, outreach and exchange across the Stanford campus.

What You'll Study

Undergraduate degrees in East Asian Studies are now administered by the Department of East Asian Cultures and Languages. The Stanford Global Studies Division offers internship opportunities in East Asia, and the Bing Overseas Study Program offers study abroad opportunities in East Asia.

As of the 2017-18 academic year, students may major and/or minor in:

  • East Asian Studies
  • East Asian Studies, China supblan
  • East Asian Studies, Japan subplan
  • East Asian Studies, Japanese Language subplan — minor program only
  • East Asian Studies, Korea subplan

Degrees Offered

  • BA
  • Minor
  • Honors

More Information

Learn more about East Asian Studies in the Stanford Bulletin