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Data Science & Social Systems

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School of Humanities and Sciences

The B.A. degree in Data Science & Social Systems enables students to develop a triple fluency: expertise in statistical and computational methods, domain knowledge across the core social sciences, and a deep and interdisciplinary understanding of an important social problem. 

What You'll Study

Majors in Data Science & Social Systems will complete a gateway course, courses in a set of core areas, a specialized pathway, and a capstone in which they apply data science skills to a well-defined problem. There are three parts to the core: quantitative (math, computation, statistics, and optimization), behavioral science (psychology, sociology, political science, and economics), and ethics. In addition, the gateway course to the major and the capstone will provide students with real-world examples and opportunities to apply modern computational and statistical methods to address key social challenges.

Interdisciplinary thinking is essential for the data-driven analysis of complex social problems, and this program is designed to prepare students with both superb technical training and in-depth knowledge of the social sciences. This is ideal preparation for leadership roles in industry, government, or the nonprofit sector.

Degrees Offered

  • BA

More Information

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Exploratory Courses

CS 106A

Programming Methodology


Principles of Data Science


Solving Social Problems with Data