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Data Science

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School of Humanities and Sciences

The B.S. in Data Science is the successor to the major in Mathematical and Computational Science (MCS). The goals of our program remain ambitious: we aim to provide a broad and deep understanding of the foundations of the discipline, training nimble and versatile data scientists. Increasing data size and availability, enhanced computational power, and progress in algorithms and software make this an ever exciting area. 

What You'll Study

Students pursuing the B.S. in Data Science will acquire a core mathematical knowledge, upon which they will build competences in computation, optimal decision making, probabilistic modeling, and statistical inference. By learning the theory behind data science, the students develop the capacity to stay up-to-date in a field that is evolving rapidly. They learn to design new methodologies and quickly get up to speed with new developments.

In addition, electives and pathways in Data Science provide students the opportunity to develop their interests.  Students can explore how inferential and computational thinking can be effective in areas as diverse as finance, biology, marketing, and engineering; or they can choose to acquire greater depth in one of our core disciplines. 

The Data Science program is interdisciplinary in its focus, and sponsored by Stanford’s departments of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Management Science & Engineering.  Students are required to take courses in each of these departments. 

Degrees Offered

  • BS
  • Minor
  • Honors

More Information

Learn more about the B.S. in Data Science at the Stanford Bulletin

Exploratory Courses

CS 106A

Programming Methodology


Principles of Data Science


Theory of Probability I