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Islamic Studies

What You'll Study

The Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies the central forum for the study of Islam and Muslim societies at Stanford University. Working within and across academic disciplines and world regions, faculty affiliates explore the religion of Islam in all its internal complexity and in diverse social and cultural contexts. To enrich Stanford students’ exposure to the study of Islam at all levels; we promote coursework, administer grants, and coordinate an undergraduate specialization as part of Global Studies minor. By completing the undergraduate specialization, students will:

  1. Explore global extent of Islam and the growth of its diasporas by taking courses on geographical regions (such as the Middle East, South Asia, Eurasia, Africa, Western Europe, and Americas) and from disciplines (such as anthropology, art and art history, comparative literature, history, political science, international relations, and religious studies).

  2. Gain exposure to the past and present of Islam in diverse social, political, and cultural settings around the globe.

  3. Prepare for or follow up on involvement in a Bing Overseas Studies Program such as in Istanbul, Paris, Berlin, or Cape Town.        

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