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Global Studies

What You'll Study

The minor in global studies is available to all Stanford undergraduates from any major, and is designed to give students in-depth interdisciplinary study in one of six specializations within a larger global context:

  1. African Studies
  2. European Studies
  3. Iranian Studies
  4. Islamic Studies
  5. Latin American Studies
  6. South Asian Studies


All students will be required to complete 28 units, including a three-unit global studies gateway course, Global 101. The remaining 25 credits are unique to each specialization. Students participating in the Bing Overseas Studies Program are encouraged to enroll.


For more information, contact Stanford Global Studies Executive Director Katherine Kuhns at, or visit


Stanford Global Studies (SGS) is a division of Stanford’s School of Humanities and Sciences that provides students and scholars with unique opportunities to explore the complexities of our globalized world from an interdisciplinary perspective.


SGS supports and fosters collaboration across its 14 programs and centers.

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