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Energy Resources Engineering

What You'll Study

Gain engineering skills while also exploring the many facets of the energy industry including renewable energy resources, oil and gas recovery, geothermal engineering, and more.  The program allows students flexibility in exploring renewable and fossil fuel energy systems, while providing an earth sciences based approach to energy resources.

Energy resources engineers are concerned with the design of processes for energy recovery. Included in the design process are characterizing the spatial distribution of energy resources, designing and operating production facilities, selecting and optimizing energy collection, the environmental aspects of energy exploration and production, computation of energy process performance, and monitoring. Students have the option to focus their study on clean energy or oil & gas.

The mission of the Energy Resources Engineering major is to provide students with the engineering skills and foundational knowledge needed to flourish as technical leaders within the energy industry. Such skills and knowledge include resource assessment, choices among energy alternatives, and carbon management, as well as the basic scientific background and technical skills common to engineers. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for immediate participation in many aspects of the energy industry and graduate school.

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