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Digital Humanities

What You'll Study

The important and flourishing field of Digital Humanities offers an exciting opportunity to expand the range of inquiry and invigorate interest in humanistic study among Stanford’s undergraduates. The DH Minor is pioneering in both the content of the instruction—emphasizing the intersection of technology, computational analysis, new media, and traditional interpretive modes—as well as in the integrated cross-departmental nature of the course of study. With connections to an impressive range of existing majors—including Anthropology, Art, Comparative Literature, English, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theatre and Performance—the program offers students an opportunity to cross disciplinary boundaries, build critical technical skills, and increase the degree of integration across the Humanities-STEM divide. Ultimately, the Minor in Digital Humanities aims to provide a comprehensive educational system emphasizing the complementarity and synergy of scientific and computational methods with humanities practices such as interpretation, critical thinking, and aesthetic creation.

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