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Civil and Environmental Engineering

What You'll Study

The mission of the undergraduate program in Civil Engineering is to provide students with the principles of engineering and the methodologies necessary for civil engineering practice. This pre-professional program balances the fundamentals common to many specialties in civil engineering and allows for concentration in structures and construction or environmental and water studies. Students in the major learn to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and civil engineering to conduct experiments, design structures and systems to creatively solve engineering problems, and communicate their ideas effectively. The curriculum includes course work in structural, construction, and environmental engineering. The major prepares students for careers in consulting, industry and government, as well as for graduate studies in engineering.

Degrees Offered: 

Featured Alumni

Program Specialist II, Sonoma County Water Agency

Class of '11

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Implementation Analyst, Zephyr Health

Class of '14

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Civil Engineer, Bechtel Corporation

Class of '01

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