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African Studies

What You'll Study

The Center for African Studies coordinates an interdisciplinary program in African Studies for undergraduates and graduate students. The program seeks to enrich understanding of the interactions among the social, economic, cultural, historical, linguistic, genetic, geopolitical, ecological, and biomedical factors that shape and have shaped African societies. Courses in African Studies are offered by departments and programs throughout the University. Course offerings in African languages are also coordinated by the Center for African Studies. Undergraduates may choose an African Studies focus from:

  • A minor in Global Studies with a specialization in African Studies  This offers the students a strong regional specialization.
  • A major in a traditionally defined academic department such as Anthropology, History, or Political Science. These departments afford ample opportunity to enroll in courses outside the major, leaving the student free to pursue the interdisciplinary study of Africa.
  • Interdepartmental majors, such as African and African American Studies or International Relations, which offer coordinated and comprehensive interdisciplinary course sequences, permitting a concentration in African Studies.
  • A Coterminal MA degree in African Studies.
Degrees Offered: